2020-2021 Homeschool Classes

American Literature & Composition
(9th-12 grades)
two sections now:
Wednesdays, 9:00-10:45 (currently full) and
Wednesdays, 11:15-1:00 (enrolling)

In this class we'll read, discuss, and write about classic and modern American literature within its historical context. Students will read several larger works and a number of short stories, poems, and pieces of non-fiction. We'll use these works and as jumping off points to develop descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive writing skills. Students will need dependable internet access and the ability to print documents at home regularly. Work outside of class: 4-5 hours weekly. Maximum 12 students. Fee $325 per semester. Grade Range: 9th-12th

Below is the booklist for our 2020-2021 class:

They Say/I Say, Graff & Birkenstein, 3rd or 4th edition
The editions are very similar, so either will do. I'd recommend purchasing this used, as it's much less expensive. This is a great little composition book with the basics of rhetorical and academic writing. It's widely used at the college level but accessible.

Up from Slavery, Booker T. Washington
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain
The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston
A Separate Peace, John Knowles
Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury

Summer Readings:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Kindle Edition) or paperback edition

Cheaper by the Dozen, Frank B. Gilbreth & Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

See the class blog for summer assignment details here.

Feel free to purchase any of these books used as long as the edition is unabridged. I prefer for them to have a physical copy of each book so that they can annotate. Roomier margins and a larger-size text makes for a better reading experience (8" X 5" as opposed to thrift editions with crowded text.) If you are able, please order all the books at the beginning of the year so that they'll have them ready as needed.

I may also add a booklet of short stories and poetry that I will publish at Office Max--one for each student. I'll have more details and the cost for this booklet once classes begin.

This class is part of a three-year cycle I work through. Next year I'll teach British Literature & Composition and the year after that World Literature and Composition.

Note: Currently the 9:00 class is at capacity. I added a second section that will meet from 11:15-1:00 on Wednesdays. If you are interested, please follow the registration link for further instruction. If any student registered for the 9:00 would prefer to switch to the 11:15, I can make it happen.

To register for this class please follow this link.

About Me and My Teaching Style 
My teaching style tends to intertwine literature and composition with history, art, and geography. I strive to provide students with activities that you can't duplicate at home--class presentations, discussions, sharing of student writing, collaborative revision activities, etc.

Each year I create and maintain a class blog where students access their weekly assignments. Parents can follow this too if they like. The blog helps us all stay on the same page and also helps students stay current when they must miss class.

I often incorporate mixed media (videos, links, slideshows, documents, online sharing platforms) into our weekly assignments, so students will need to be able to follow the specifics and have reliable internet access. If we still are or end up in an additional "holding pattern" because of Covid this fall, I am comfortable teaching online and will Zoom my classes. Students should be able to learn the basics of Zoom and have a camera on their computer for this reason.

I'm an enthusiastic teacher who expects a lot of herself and her students; however, I also regularly meet students "where they are at," looking for progress in their skills and efforts, not perfection.

Each year, I take pains to cover the basics of academic writing including evidence based essays, in-text citations, and MLA format. I feel passionate about them having these college-ready skills so that they will flourish wherever they go!

Any questions? I'm happy to answer them at elizabethjprice@gmail.com Also, check out the "About Me" tab at the top.

I appreciate the opportunity to partner with your family in 2020-2021!

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